About TRu

TRu emerged from working with small and mid-sized nonprofits soliciting answers to questions about significant issues around governance, administrative matters, and programs. TRu Consulting provides coaching, training and guidance in the development and implementation of best practices in client organizations and community initiatives with integrity and confidentiality.

TRu’s philosophy blends creating strong practices with innovative ideas to produce transformation and sustained effective decision-making.

TRu’s approach starts with relationship building and collecting a full range of perspectives and opinions, and builds to connect ideas, strengthen practices, create collaborations and develop partnerships that inspire innovation and transformation. We work collaboratively with clients  to ensure  the decisions they make focuses on needs and  improvement.

In 2014, after serving in leadership positions with nonprofit organizations, national initiatives, and small business, Maureen A. Drummond founded TRu. With 20 years experience, TRu drives results-oriented practices based on the capacity, budget, and best interest decisions of an organization.